By the time people were flocking on to the field, not only were the stalls in position but willing helpers had positioned tables and chairs in the Marquee and they had the barbecue all ready to provide the tasty sausages and burgers which were soon to be devoured.

The afternoon provided something for everyone: there were competitions galore, many raffles and, for the energetic, boules to be played and different tugs of war for men, women and children.  These provided not only exercise for the participants but great amusement for the onlookers.

Young people delighted in the face painting while the bouncy castle was just the thing for the very young.  While at the other end of the age scale a 96-year-old, having thoroughly enjoyed her barbecue sausage, spent the afternoon in the warmth of the marquee watching those around and eating her cream tea.

It all turned out just what the organisers had planned – a happy celebration to honour our Queen’s 60 years on the throne.  When all had gone home another scene was enacted: many willing helpers including the young and strong returned tables, chairs, crockery, glasses, etc. to their rightful places in the Bernard Hall and elsewhere and the field was soon back to normal.

Very many thanks to Jennifer, her committee and all the other organisers and helpers who over the whole weekend provided such a splendid village celebration.

The above article is taken from the July 2012 edition of Village Voice and is reproduced with their kind permission.