Local Area Technicians (LATs) are the key communications link for Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) between County Councillors, Parish, Town and District Councils and local residents.  They act as the Local Area representative for TfB with an extensive local knowledge developed by being area based and from informal inspections.  The Local Area Technician for Cuddington is:

Stuart Campbell
Local Area Technician
Transport for Buckinghamshire
01296 387337

Main responsibilities include dealing with highway and traffic maintenance issues and responding to customer contacts, although this is not exclusive and work across the broader remit of TfB is done.

Roles are to advise, liaise and work both internally and externally to influence and deliver efficient works across the County. 

In general, Local Area Technicians:

• Liaise with Members, Parish, Town and District Councils

• Deal with and respond to general enquiries

• Identify & order routine maintenance works and liaise with operational teams on delivery, including:

• Liaise and support other teams within TfB

• Assist maintenance engineers on Capital maintenance schemes

• Assist Capital Works team on local traffic management schemes

• Project manage LAF/LCP schemes

• Attend Local Area Forum/Local Community Partnership meetings

Although we can report faults and issues directly to our LAT, don’t forget that TfB’s Service Information Centre should be used for all general reporting: