The Planned Giving Scheme (PGS) was adopted by St Nicholas over a year ago as being a very effective way for parishioners to contribute and give to the church. The key points are:

  • Payments to the church are automatically made by Direct Debit
  • Payments may be made anonymously
  • The amount pledged can be index linked to inflation
  • Gift Aid is re-claimed automatically
  • It is easy to both set up and change at any time

By joining the scheme the task of collecting contributions is made so much easier for our Treasurer and knowing what income is pre-planned and Gift Aided helps in the accounting process.

Please click on “Giving to St Nicholas” for the leaflet and “Gift Form” for further information. But please do not print off and use the “Gift Form”, as for the time being the Scheme administrators in Gloucester will only accept original hard copies of the form – these are available from the display at the back of the church.

For further information or help in getting a form please contact or phone 01844 290647. Should you wish to speak to someone at the PGS please call 01452 835595 or email to: