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Welcome to the Cuddington Village website

Welcome to the website for Cuddington, Buckinghamshire.  There is lots of content to explore, and the site is constantly updated by editors in the village.  Never miss out on village news and events that interest you by registering for Website Membership.

The site has been created to be a hub of village activities and news and our ambition is that, as well as keeping everyone up to date, the website will become an interesting record of village life.  We would love to hear what you think of the website and any suggestions that you have on how we might improve it.  You can get in touch with us on the Contact Us page.

Postcode of village centre and Bernard Hall: HP18 0AP
Postcode of Playing Fields Clubhouse: HP18 0AJ
Street map of Cuddington
Parish boundary map

Many of the banner photographs on this and other pages were taken by Cuddington photographer and environmental campaigner Doug Kennedy.

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Tilly & Mia to open the Fete! 

Les Bouledogues Françaises to Open the Fête!

Unfortunately Raymond Blanc and Stephanie from the Seven Stars are unavailable to open our French themed Fête – but we have Tilly and Mia our resident French Bulldogs to declare the Fête open, please do come and meet our celebrities on July 14th!

Procession from 1.30pm – we’re still looking for helpers and donations it’s 3 weeks on Saturday and counting...


Items Found on Playing Field

The items in the photograph were left in the park area of the Playing Fields.  If the owner would like to claim them, they are now at the Village Shop for safe keeping.

Thanks to Ellen Dyer for handing these in.

A Chiff-chaff at Cuddington 

Vertebrate Watch Results 2018

14 watchers returned their forms spread across the entire village.  For the numerical report for all 8 years, click here.

The House Sparrows have the prize once more – 69 sightings from 11 watchers, but the pigeons were close runners-up at 63 from all 14 watchers.  This year I combined feral- and wood-pigeons into a single ‘pigeons’ species because of uncertainty about identification.  Last year there were 51 pigeon sightings, and they are much bigger animals, so represent a lot more biomass which has increased by 15%.  As I roam the countryside, especially locally, pigeons seem ubiquitous, which is an extraordinary success story for the species.  House sparrow numbers have remained strong.

The Corvids have done well, with blackbirds increasing from 34 to 42 sightings and jackdaws increasing from 31 to 39, with a couple more sightings than last year.

Bluetit sightings are down a little on average while great tits are the best since 2012.  Coal tit sightings are back on track following last year when they were missing.

Finches are down somewhat.  Chaffinches are solid at 14 from 5 watchers and goldfinch numbers were up from 13 to 27 and greenfinches have returned after being absent last year.  All but 6 of the 32 goldfinches were seen on the north-east side of the village, where they seem to gravitate particularly to Karen Haining’s garden in Frog Lane, which possibly has something to do with the fact that she is very generous with high-quality bird food and several feeders.  She had a charm of 20 goldfinches on the day!  The only problem is that this is also highly attractive to predators, so a sparrowhawk was watching out for a meal: something that she is quite used to.

House martin numbers and sightings are well up while swift and swallow sightings remain fairly constant.

Only 2 thrushes spotted this year against 4 last year.

Overall, bird numbers are up, which is nice, although we may be a bit over-supplied with pigeons and jackdaws.

Other sightings of note are the many round newts in the Sanderson’s pond, and the existence of a flock of goldcrests in a garden off Frog Lane.

Among the notes provided by watchers, there are 2 barn owls around the allotments (in addition to the, possibly, 2 in trees around the marsh below the ‘tractor’ field).  Badgers, mice and rabbits have also been seen in open spaces around the village: there is a large badger sett in the nettle-strewn area below Tibby’s Lane.  Several people report bats being seen in the evening.


Cuddington Sunrise Walk

The Sunrise Walk, which marks midsummer, is a venerable Cuddington tradition.  Since 1970, when villagers first walked up through the early morning fields to the Observatory at Upper Winchendon to see the sun rise over the vale, early-risers have left their beds to join in this adventure.  This year it’s on Saturday 23rd June, starting at 4am from the Lower Green.  Arrival at the observatory around 4.45am should coincide with the first sight of the sun’s disc rising above the skyline – hopefully an absence of clouds!  Refreshments await as you stand at the top of the world and enjoy the spectacular view with the Chilterns on the horizon.  We can offer lifts up or down if you don’t fancy the whole circuit – and you can be back home by 6.30!  It’s healthy exercise and in beautiful scenery – so why not come along this year?!  Any queries to Angela Wenham 291 932.


Missing Cat

A slinky black cat called “Fluffy” has gone missing.  It was last seen on Tuesday morning, 22nd May.

Fluffy has a red collar with a bell and ID tag.  It is microchipped.

Please would you check your sheds/garages and gardens?  If you find it, please call Sonia or Paul on 01844 291883 or 07946 645748

Thank you for your help.

Parents and children processing last year 

May Singing and Dancing

Friday 25th May 10.30pm

The Infant children will be processing round the village and singing on Lower Green and the top end of Bernard Close on Friday 25th May.

They love to be able to present their posies to villagers as they process round the village so please look out for them!

The procession will be leaving the Infant site at 10.30am and ending back at school for dancing followed by a picnic with parents.

Royal Wedding Peal

Bells were rung in many villages, towns and cities this weekend to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  In Cuddington a full peal of Stedman Triples was rung.  It took about 2 hours 45 minutes to ring all the 5,040 changes.  We hope you enjoyed the ringing!

Listen to a short clip of the ringing here


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