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Parish Council News

The Parish Council meet every month on the second Monday of the month in the Infant site of Cuddington and Dinton School.  There are also two annual meetings: the Annual Village Meeting in April and the Annual Meeting of the Council in May.

The Agenda will be posted on the Wednesday preceding the meeting.



Please support the Freight ePetition

Cuddington and Chearsley Parish Councils are maintaining pressure on Bucks CC to do something about the amount of heavy freight traffic using the roads through our villages and have joined forces to create an ePetition to Bucks County Council on the subject.  

Please support our efforts by signing this petition at Freight ePetitionIt is very simple to 'sign'.

No log-in is required – just click the link, then click on Sign ePetition and enter name and email address, then on the next page click ‘Sign’. 

Petition Title:  Chearsley and Cuddington Freight Traffic Problems

Petition Wording:  There is a high and increasing volume of Heavy Goods Vehicles using the totally unsuitable routes through both villages.  Bucks CC is requested to note the concern this is causing to local residents and ensure that it is specifically and effectively addressed as part of the developing Bucks CC Freight Strategy.

Supporting Statement:  The C class roads through both villages are relatively narrow and totally unsuitable for the increasing number of HGVs that are using them.  The draft Bucks CC Freight Strategy is intended to address this, but the current draft a) does not identify these villages as particular hot-spots, and b) appears to put the interest of freight operators above the concerns, and safety, of local residents.

The petition will close on 9th May 2018. 
Please support us by signing it.  The more people that participate, the more our voice will be heard.

Thank you


Advanced Notice of Road Closure: Bridgeway 1st May for 21 Days (9.30 - 15.00)

BCC has made an Order, which will temporarily prohibit any vehicle from proceeding, except for access, in that length of Bridgeway, Cuddington, which commences for 100 metres each way from the bridge.  The closure is required whilst Transport for Buckinghamshire works take place and it is anticipated that the works will commence on 1st May 2018 and will take approximately 21 days between 09:30 and 15:00 each day to complete.

The alternative route for vehicles affected by the closure will be via Bridgeway, Dadbrook, Aylesbury Road, Scotsgrove Hill, Tythrop Way, Long Crendon Road, Thame Road, Bicester Road, Chearsley Road, Crendon Road, Winchendon Road and vice versa.

Dated 11th April 2018


BCC Draft Freight Strategy – Have Your Say

Cuddington Parish Council and Chearsley Parish Council are working hard to reduce the high volumes of heavy vehicles driving through our villages – a matter of concern to many Parishioners.

Bucks CC have just published a ‘Draft FreightStrategy (2018 – 2036)’ Consultation.  The deadline for comment is 9th April.

A copy of the relevant documents can be accessed at:

Your attention is drawn to Page 41 onwards, where the area of ‘Waddesdon, Haddenham & Long Crendon’ is identified as a “Freight Hotspot”, although no specific mention is made to any of the roads running through Cuddington and Chearsley Village.  It takes only a few minutes – use question 6 to emphasise what you think about the situation in the village.  The more people that comment, the more seriously it will be taken.

The Parish Councils have been actively communicating its concerns about the numbers of HGVs using the wholly unsuitable routes through our villages.  This included circulation of a report on the three HGV surveys carried out during 2016.

Although the PC will continue to make representations on behalf of the community, it would be most beneficial if you could support our initiatives by raising your concerns directly with Bucks CC.

You can either raise your concerns directly with the Bucks County Council by contacting:

 Alternatively, you can complete an online survey available at:

Thank you

BCC News – It’s Pothole Season

This winter’s weather has been tough on Buckinghamshire’s roads – while the heavy snowfall in December was the most remarkable weather event, the worst conditions for roads are actually when the ground temperature fluctuates constantly between just above and just below zero.

Pothole formation is accelerated by this ‘freeze-thaw’ effect, whereby moisture gets into small cracks in the the road surface and expands when it freezes, then thaws out when the temperature rises. This process repeats until the road surface begins to break up and potholes are formed.

County Councillor Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transportation, urges road users in Buckinghamshire to report potholes when they see them:

“Transport for Buckinghamshire will investigate every pothole reported to them, and react on a risk based prioritisation process – put simply, that means the worst ones will be attended to first, as a matter of urgency.  But we’re not mind readers, and the road network is far too vast for us to possibly know where all the potholes are, so we need members of the public to report them to us either using the online form, which only takes a few minutes, or by calling if it’s dangerous or an emergency.  I would ask that everyone be patient while we deal with the fallout of a bad winter – potholes are as inevitable as weather, roads are made of a porous material so that they don’t flood constantly in rain and so when water within the structure freezes, defects will form.”

On average, when there are no severe weather issues, TfB repairs over 4,000 potholes every month.

Pothole FAQ:

  • You fixed one pothole, why didn’t you fix the one next to it while you were here?
    Potholes are prioritised according to risk – if they are on very well used roads, they are more of a priority.  Size and depth are also factors.  Resources have to be used responsibly, and cannot be used up fixing a more minor road surface defect when there are more urgent defects needing attention just up the road.
  • Why can I only report one pothole online at a time?
    Our online reporting system works on an interactive map, so that each individual defect can be risk assessed and dealt with on a case by case basis.  The map allows for accurate pinpointing, which saves time when it comes to inspections.  There are drop-down menus to allow you to input as much detail, such as size and position, as possible.
  • Why do you make temporary repairs that don’t last?
    Temporary repairs, where the pothole is filled in with hot material and made smooth, are often carried out as a safety measure when a permanent repair cannot be carried out at that moment, likely due to the location of the defect.  That is to say, where a larger area of road needs to be cut away to make a full repair, likely requiring a road or lane closure, a temporary or ‘make safe’ repair is an effective way of keeping the road safe in the meantime.
  • How do I report a pothole?
    You can report potholes, as well as any other road issue, using the Report It forms on the county council website.  In an emergency, for instance a severe road defect, a flooded road, or a tree in the road, you can always call Transport for Buckinghamshire on 01296 382416 or 486630 (out of hours). The online reporting tool is at

Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan – Have Your Say

The final version of the plan, known as the VALP Proposed Submission, will be published for public comment for six weeks from 9am today, Thursday 2nd November, until 5.15pm Thursday 14th December.

Cuddington Parish Council has produced an insert in this month’s issue of Village Voice (attached).  It gives the background to the Plan and the housing proposals for Cuddington.  The Draft proposals for Cuddington include 25 houses, 4 of which are in progress or completed and the remaining 21 have been allocated on two sites: Aylesbury Road (6 homes) and Dadbrook Farm (15 homes).  The Parish Council welcomes your feedback.  Please email or return the back sheet of the insert to Cuddington Village Stores.  The Parish Council will be drafting its response to the Plan at its November meeting – Monday 27th November at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Parishioners can find out more about the Local Plan including the background, policies on housing, transport, and environment – and guidance about how to respond at  Key Facts of the Local Plan are listed here.


Vale of Aylesbury Plan Update

The timetable for preparing the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) has just been extended.  The Parish Council is informed that the key reasons for the delay is due to the final Sustainability Appraisal, (being carried out by external consultants), not progressing to meet AVDC’s proposed timetable.

The revised dates for the proposed submission plan will now be considered by:

  • VALP Scrutiny on 26 September
  • Cabinet on 10 October, and
  • Council on 18 October.

The plan will then be published for public comment.  Following that, the plan will be submitted for independent examination in January, which is two months later than previously publicised.


Reminder – Annual Village Meeting – Monday 3rd April, 7.30pm

Cuddington residents all have an interest in maintaining the vitality, appearance and facilities of our village and its surroundings.  The Annual Village Meeting is the main opportunity for everyone to get together and voice their opinions, hear what is going on and meet neighbours, new and old.  This meeting is not a Parish Council meeting.  Please come along.

The meeting will be informal, as it is intended to have much of the time devoted to open discussion, with various presentations about what is going on.  There will be complimentary wine and soft drinks for socialising and continuing the discussions after the meeting.

Subjects for discussion put forward so far, are;

  • Future housing developments in the village and neighbouring areas
  • Access to bus routes and safer walking to Haddenham
  • Improvements to public footpaths and the environment around the village
  • The increasing traffic through the village

Other topics people may want to hear about and discuss are: Village Fête, progress of the Playing Fields, District and County Councils’ activities, the School, The Nicholas Almond Trust, Gardening Club, Village Voice, the Website, the Bernard Hall, the Village Picture House, Tennis Club, WI, Sunshine Club, Boules, Police Community Support Officer, Parish Council.


Cuddington Parish Council - comments on the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan

The Parish Council comments on the draft Vale of Aylesbury Plan can be viewed here.


Your Parish Council

Cuddington Parish Council is currently represented by six Parish Councillors:

Ken Birkby: Chairman and also Footpath Representative and LAF Representative.

Ken Brown: Vice Chairman and Traffic Action Group (TAG) Representative.

Richard Stanczyc: Councillor

Lorraine Stevens: Councillor and Cuddington Playing Fields Association (CPFA) Representative.

Ken Trew: Councillor and Planning Representative.

Andrew Vickers: Councillor and Parish Council Trustee - Nicholas Almond Trust.

Councillors are supported by Venetia Davies, Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer.

Independent of AVDC and BCC, Cuddington Parish Council provides services at village level; representing its electors in the parish ward.  The Parish Council is funded by the precept (raised as part of the Council Tax) and takes responsibility for a range of local matters.

Meetings are normally held on the last Monday of the month at 7.30pm in the Bernard Hall.

Every meeting is a public meeting with an opportunity for villagers to ask questions and raise concerns during Parishioners Question Time at the beginning of each month.  Please come along and hear about local matters.