In order to keep informed of the process and receive regular news items, a dedicated Neighbourhood Plan page has been set up on

The Parish Council has received formal notification today (5th April 2018) that the Cuddington Neighbourhood Area has been agreed by AVDC.  The Parish is now designated as a Neighbourhood Area, which allows Cuddington to submit a Neighbourhood Development Plan to AVDC for the publicity consultation and an examination to be undertaken. Please keep informed of the process here.

The presentation at the February meeting from planning consultant Oneill Homer can be viewed here.  The Parish Council is currently seeking a quotation and project plan from Oneill Homer to accompany an application for a grant.

Thank you to all volunteers who have expressed an interest in becoming involved with the Neighbourhood Plan (NHP).  We will keep you informed through the website and by email.

Please get in touch at if you would like to join as a volunteer resident.