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Postcode of village centre and Bernard Hall: HP18 0AP
Postcode of Playing Fields Clubhouse: HP18 0AJ
Street map of Cuddington
Parish boundary map

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Important implications for Cuddington 

Draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan – Consultation Starts 7 July 2016

Important implications for Cuddington and its residents

From 7 July to 5 September, residents and other interested parties can comment on the latest draft of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) which includes locations identified for new homes and jobs.  50 new houses in Cuddington is part of the Plan (see below).

Cuddington Parish Council urges everyone to visit one of the following drop in sessions in order to be better informed, and to make comments.  The Parish Council will be considering its response at its next meeting on Monday 11th July at 7.30pm (Bernard Hall)

Haddenham Village Hall Monday 11th July 11.00-20.00

Aylesbury Friars Square Shopping Centre Thursday 14th July 10.00-17.00

The VALP is based on the premise that there is a requirement for 21,300 new houses for the needs of Aylesbury Vale.  This covers the period 2013-2033.  However, there is also a requirement for it to consider and take account of the unmet needs of adjacent local authorities.  A figure of 12,000 (a 56% uplift) has been added to the total.  Thus the VALP allocates 33,300 new houses to be built in our district.  Cynics have suggested that if Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks claim not to be able to find enough sites for their needs, then the Aylesbury Vale green belt will take the hit for them!

In the previous draft of the Plan, Cuddington was classified as a ‘small village’, which would be required to find sites for about 22 new houses.  In the latest version Cuddington has become a ‘medium village’, required to grow by 19%.  Cuddington is the only village in Aylesbury Vale to have been classified upwards and this appears to have been primarily based on our closeness and, presumed easy, accessibility to the wider range of services in Haddenham.

The Draft plan will go before the Government’s Planning Inspector in Spring 2017.

The plan can be accessed from 7 July at:

Ken Birkby, Chairman


Sunshine Club Matinée Cinema

“The Sound of Music” will be the next Matinée Cinema presentation on Monday 25th July.  This ever popular musical, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, will fill the Bernard Hall with its well known songs.  Doors open at 1pm for a 1.30pm start.  £5/conc £4 entry fee includes tea and home-made cake.  Tickets from Liz 01844 299150.

Parish councillors Ken Birkby and Stuart Anderson bolt the bench to its foundations 

Jim Hayward Memorial Bench

The bench to commemorate Jim Hayward’s long, dedicated service to the village has now been installed on the Upper Green.  The inscription on the bench reads “In memory of Jim Hayward who spent his lifetime dedicated to Cuddington.  1931 - 2015”.

At the Parish Council meeting last October, it was unanimously agreed that a memorial bench would be a fitting tribute.  The siting of the bench, on the Upper Green near the Best Kept Village sign, is in recognition of Jim’s key involvement with the Best Kept Village competition over many years. 

A ceremony to mark the installation of the bench will be held shortly.

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Public Footpath Route to Donkey Meadow

The path alongside the hedge in Donkey Meadow has now become a Public Footpath, but to access it from Cuddington, walkers should not use the open gateway just this side of Nether Winchendon Mill (Photo 1).  The correct route is to use the stile in Photo 2, walk past the Mill, follow the path through the farm buildings to the rear of the house (Photo 3) and then turn right.  There is a stile by the gate into Donkey Meadow (Photo 4).

Nether Winchendon Parish Meeting/Bucks County Council will be putting up signs to this effect in the near future.

Angela Sanderson

Cuddington Vertebrate Watch Results 2016

The results of the 6th Cuddington Vertebrate Watch Results 2016 are now in, so here is an outline.  If you want to see the full results, please email and I will send you them in pdf format.

8 people took part, spread across the northern half of the village (on and below the Aylesbury Road), but I am still looking for people around Dadbrook – if interested please do get in touch with me.

Overall, this is a better year than last year, when April and early May were much colder: it hasn't been warm this year, but there has been a nice mix of rain and sunshine so vegetation is doing very well.  There is a contrast between houses on the edge of the village and those in the middle, the former getting more farmland birds, and the latter the finches and tits.  27 species of  birds were recorded this year as well as grey squirrels, a muntjac, mice and common newts.

We are seeing a lot of consistency over the years and some trends are becoming fairly clear that echo national trends.  Corbids (crow, raven, jackdaw, magpie) are becoming more numerous, as are red kites and woodpigeons (everywhere!!).  Starlings are back this year and sparrows seem to be doing better than recent years.  We have good numbers of Greenfinches and goldfinches whereas chaffinches numbers are down.  Finches love the sunflower kernels which some of us use in feeders.

Only one thrush and no dunnocks, although I do see a pair of dunnocks in my garden on a daily  basis.  Bluetit numbers are down, but great tits are up a lot.

The lack of thrushes and cuckoos is very sad and reflects a national trend. On May Day at the church, we sang about the cuckoo, whose song seems to have been everywhere in the countryside in past centuries.  Of course, many cuckoos is hard on warblers and other host birds, but the lack of these is partially responsible for the cuckoo’s decline.

Bird feeders do a lot to help garden birds, especially through the winter, and I believe that they are instrumental in the good numbers of sparrows, tits and finches in Cuddington.

I hope that you found this interesting and am interested in any feedback.  If you would like to take part next May, please let me know, especially if you live anywhere around Dadbrook.

Doug Kennedy

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