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Welcome to the Cuddington Village website

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The site has been created to be a hub of village activities and news and our ambition is that, as well as keeping everyone up to date, the website will become an interesting record of village life.  We would love to hear what you think of the website and any suggestions that you have on how we might improve it.  You can email us on the Contact Us page.

Postcode of village centre and Bernard Hall: HP18 0AP
Postcode of Playing Fields Clubhouse: HP18 0AJ
Street map of Cuddington

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Cuddington Vertebrate Watch 2014 – Please Join In

In May of the past three years we have carried out a successful Garden Vertebrate Watch during which people spent an hour looking out for mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in their gardens, or on a piece of open ground nearby.  We are building up a picture of Cuddington wildlife over the years and the results from this and previous years will be available on this web site.

This year's event will be during the weekend of May 17-18th.

Please do take part as the more that do, the better the picture that we are able to build.

Forms will be enclosed in the May issue of Village Voice so that you can record what you see as accurately as possible. All you have to do is spend an hour during the weekend in a place of your choice, recording any birds, reptiles, amphibians that you see.


Spring walking (continued)

Over the past few days, we have seen/heard amidst lots of other things

  - skylarks – what a joy!
  - birds in medley of song
  - carpets of bluebells
  - blackthorn blossom
  - lots of wild flowers
  - fallen blossom confettiing (sic) the fields/paths

Do go out for a Spring Walk so much to see and enjoy – any questions please ask us.

Happy Walking

Alan and Stella


Children’s Poetry Competition – LAST DAY!

Village Voice has launched a poetry-writing competition for the younger members of the village.  It is open to any child living in Cuddington or attending Cuddington and Dinton School.

There are three categories:

  • Children in School Years 1 and 2.  Theme: My favourite animal
  • Children in School Years 3 and 4.  Theme: Water
  • Children in School Years 5 and 6.  Theme: Spring

We would like entrants to write a short poem – it could be descriptive, imaginary, what the theme means to the poet; it is entirely up to the writer.  The winner in each category will receive a £10 book token.

When completed please e-mail the entry, including name and age, to Helen Keeping at with “Village Voice poem” in the subject line, or leave the entry in the box in Cuddington Stores.

The closing date is Wednesday 23rd April.

First Aid Tips – a Talk and Demonstration

A First Aid talk covering Primary Survey, Recovery Position, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Heart Problems, Bleeding, Shock, and Low Blood Sugar will be given by trainer, Fred Martin OStJ RGN at the Playing Fields Clubhouse on Tuesday 6 May at 7pm.

There will be a small charge of £3 per person to help cover the hire of the Clubhouse and a donation to St John Ambulance.  This can be paid on the day.

Numbers will be limited.  To book, please ring Liz Davies on 01844 299150

Sunshine Club Spring Bazaar

The sun shone in more ways than one ... with the generous support of our donors, helpers and shoppers, we were able to raise just over £380 (net).  Thank you so much to one and all.

Oklahoma Treat

Members of the Sunshine Club and their guests were treated to an afternnoon at the Village Picture House in the Bernard Hall on Monday 7 April.  In memory of John and Joyce Ripley, the family had made a donation to the Sunshine Club which funded the showing of the musical ‘Oklahoma’, complete with ice cream interval and a finale of tea and cakes.  Our thanks just have to go on record for the terrific cooperation from our wonderful Village Picture House.

  • An Orange Tip butterfly near Winchendon Mill House

April Butterflies

In Sunday’s glorious weather, I went exploring locally and enountered quite a lot of butterflies fluttering around among the blackthorn blossom and the new spring wild flowers.  It was nice to see a lot of orange tips for the first time this year, which will be newly emerged, along with peacocks and small tortoiseshells after winter hibernation.

Wildlife strips around fields make a big difference – wild flowers grow there, so you get lots of insects and birds.  You find these on Winchendon Estates arable land, which is managed by Waddesdon, such as those around Cuddington and on the Winchendon side of the Thame.  On farms that crop right to the field edge, there is little to be found in the way of wildlife, so well done Waddesdon!  Now, can we get them to mark our foot paths better?

Christian Aid Plant Sale, Bring & Buy and Coffee Evening

This will be held at Wellfield House, Spurt Street, the home of Charles and Angela Sanderson, on Monday May 12th from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

Everybody is invited and all offerings will be really appreciated.

Community Oil Buying Scheme Update

The price per litre for the March order was 51.6p plus VAT, a saving of up to £174.00 for an order of 1,000 litres*.

If you’re interested in joining the Scheme and saving money on your fuel oil, please contact Chris Long on 291153 for more details.

Download an information leaflet

Download the membership application form

*Compared with the highest price quoted.

Sherry Scott’s Retirement

An article on the Bucks Herald website announces Sherry Scott's retirement after 20 years’ work with the Burma Forces Welfare Association.

Read the full article here

Walk with (a) Spring in your step (and re-grow your brain)

We hope you are enjoying this recent glorious weather and walking around the village or the countryside to see the spring flowers (primrose comes from the Latin for “first rose”) and newly born lambs (visible in some fields and from the A418 coming back from Thame).

Please let us know – or 292466 – if there any footpath problems and the parish council footpaths group will try and sort them.  If you can help on this please let us know – we will be delighted to welcome you. 

Also recent studies on men and women aged 60 to 80 found that taking a short walk three times a week increased the size of brain regions linked to planning and memory over the course of a year.

So enjoy walking!

Alan and Stella

Cuddington goes Wild West

This year’s Fête theme ‘Cuddington Goes Wild West’ invites everyone to don their sheriff badges, stetsons, chaps and spurs, mount their trusted steed and get on down to all the fun on Saturday July 12th.

More announcements with details of the event will follow shortly.  In the meantime, anyone who can lend a hand in the build-up and/or on the day are asked to contact any of the committee, myself included.

Let’s see if we can break another record this year in the amount of money we can raise for the village.

John Moore 

  • The River Thame below Cuddington
  • A large dead fish on the Thame 2014

Save The River Thame Project

Following the pollution incident last July, when nasty substances were released from the Aylesbury sewage works at the hottest time, resulting in the death of most fish and insects, Doug has been building support for a campaign to rescue our river. 

Basically, it is currently used as something of a sewer, albeit with treated rather than raw waste, but it is in poor condition. This has been made much worse by last summer's disaster and it will take a long time to recover. People who have lived near the river for over 30 years remember a different scenario, when the river was clear and clean, and alive with fish and insects. It could be the jewel in the crown for Aylesbury Vale, but as things stand, it is expedient to treat in this way, in spite of Government objectives to increase biodiversity and improve water quality.

AVDC and Bucks CC are happy to leave it all to the Environment Agency, whose local officers are not full time and can't monitor the state of the river in an active manner, but can only react to events. This is, of course, locking the stable door etc...

We have the support of our AVDC and County Councillors, our Parish Council, Waddesdon Estates and many local people to take some action to improve the state of our River Thame. Doug has also started liaison with Nether Winchendon, Long Crendon, Chearsley and Waddesdon Parish Councils.

It also transpires that there is a River Thame Conservation Trust that is well established and has relationships with the Environment Agency and Thames Water. This is a body run by volunteers that has been working on the lower part of the river, but is now seeking to improve the state of the Thame in our area. Doug is in contact with them and will be attending meetings with them in the coming days and weeks.

The current aim is gather support and then hold a seminar in Aylesbury during the summer of 2014 in order to bring all the stake-holders together in one place and decide upon the nature of the problem, realistic goals and to make a start on taking action.

For more information contact

Children’s Playground Update

Works to the wind damaged fence in the children’s playground is complete and the playground is now fully enclosed with a new fence and posts.  Time to enjoy the sunshine!

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